The felt sense of movement, weight, touch, smell, and sound is as important as the visual sense for me.  I love the intimacy of handling the materials--the physicality of rhythmic brush strokes; the surface layered with paint, collage, ink;  the pouring and scraping.  The textures, marks, and colors are the result of an excavation and connection with the elemental qualities of earth, air, fire, water, and qi.


I grew up in Hawaii when plantations dominated the tropical landscape.  Laundry had to be taken off the line when black soot from burnt sugar cane stalks filled the air, and clanging factory machines processed the yellow sweetness of pineapples that was packed into cans.  I painted with red mud, flower petals, seeds, and rich dark soil from the garden.


My art education has been uniquely suited to my sensibilities.  Connie Smith Siegel’s work with sensory awareness and art has been foundational and profound in its depth.  Painting in the company of other artists in Toni Littlejohn’s Wild Carrots studio has given me invaluable space and support for art making.  Painting collaboratively with Patrick Maloney, allowing our different approaches to come together in one painting, has been illuminating and fun.     


My work in health care involves a close examination of human vulnerabilities and suffering, as well as the wholeness within each individual.  I believe that making art is a life affirming act.  Allowing the inner landscape to become visible through painting is healing for ourself and for others.  


I am nourished by the quiet pleasure of painting.  I paint to see what emerges, and to experience the ineffable.

@ 2014 by Ayumi Kie Weissbuch. All rights reserved.